Aluminium Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Above is an example of our aluminium semi frameless glass.

Semi frameless pool fencing in Perth works along the same basic set of principles as frameless pool fencing. Indeed, there are now a record number of homes making use of semi frameless pool fencing Perth. This particular choice of framing design is cheaper to install, and is also well regarded for its sturdiness and reliability.

Using semi frameless pool fencing Perth is particularly recommended if you don’t care to sacrifice stylishness for the sake of durability. This is one excellent type of pool safety barrier that will let you have both stylish fashion and cost effectiveness in abundance.

All of our work is compliant with Australian rules and regulations and our 10mm and 12mm toughened glass is made specifically to last in Australian conditions. Along with high quality glass we only use duplex 2205 stainless steel, 316 marine grade stainless steel and high quality aluminum posts to ensure your fence is installed to the highest standard.